Solar Heating of Swimming Pools

Solar Heating of Swimming Pools can be done using:

1. Glazed high performance (Marvel) collectors. These are flat plate copper collectors being top quality, robust and of neat appearance.

2. Unglazed polypropelene Techno-Solis collectors. Proven to be the most durable, top quality, reliable with design superiorityand unsurpassed performance for an unglazed collector. Modular panels all 1.2 m wide and lengths of 2.4, 3.0 and 3.6 m.

Did you know that 70% of heat loss from the swimming pool is from evaporation, 20% from radiated heat loss and 10% from conduction through the sides and bottom of the pool? For every 10 kph of air (wind) movement across the pool surface there is a 300% increase in evaporation. Each pool is in its own micro climate therefore temperature gains from similar sized solar systems will vary from pool to pool. Pool covers reduce evaporation, thereby keeping the pool warmer.

(See US Dept of Energy website Reduce Swimming Pool Energy Costs)
Factors that affect the natural temperature of swimming pools are:
Shade over the pool

Colour of the pool and surrounds

Wind exposure

Evaporation of the pool water

Ambient air temperature


Geographical location

Season of the year

To size and price a swimming pool solar system we need to know the following:

Dimensions of the Surface Area of the Pool (SAP)

Roof area available for positioning the solar collectors

Angle and orientation of the roof to the sun

Distance from the pool pump / filter to proposed position of solar collectors

Swimming season expected

Any shading of pool and solar collectors by trees, etc

Is there a pool cover and is it used?

A complete solution

If you intend heating only your pool, and not your house hot water, Techno-Solis plypropylene panals are less cost relative to size of pool than glazed panels, wich require additional heat exchange equipment. However, Techno-Solis will not heat in the higher temperature ranges of 60 degrees necessary for household hot water.

In Summer, at swimming pool water temperatures (28-30 degrees C) Techno-Solis offers the lower cost system to heat your swimming pool.

In cases when Techno-Solis panels cannot be fitted because of unsuitable or too small area of roof, glazed collectors wich occupy 70% less space are an option. Often a glazed system may be integrated with the household hot water, thus maximising your solar investment.

For winter, regardlers of application, only glazed panels should be considered.