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It is inevitable that Solar energy has a major role in the provision of hot water as energy costs go sky high

Our SUNZ Solar, has performance, reliability, is proven and reliable energy has become an established as a main stream water heating.

SOLAR 4 U can provide a quality water heating system, whether it is simply a domestic hot water system, an integrated "combi" system (multi function), pool or underfloor heating Whether you have an existing system, plan to build, own a home , factory , hospital, etc, or have premises using hot water we can save you money

We can assist in the design, provision and manufacture of hot water plant for domestic and commercial hot water requirements.

The ROTEX system embodies the unique technology which sets it apart as a most efficient, durable and low maintenance system available.

ROTEX not only offers a best long term solution for energy and cost efficiency but has commercially proved to be oustanding in performance and savings.

Featuring flexibility and adaptability, provision of hot water can be by solar, multi fuel fuel sources-, electricity, gas/oil (using condensing boilers), solar, heat recovery (from air conditioning, chiller units, etc) and

Security to economically meet all peak demands without a drop in temperature is an established fact.

Although installed and servicing hotels, apartments, institutions and government buildings a relevant example of proven large scale ROTEX operation is the Sydney 400 bed hospital which in 1995 converted to the ROTEX heating system.

The cost efficiency of the ROTEX heating system was the subject of a paper presented in 2003 at the Worldwide Hospital Engineering Conference in Bergen

ROTEX NZ (New Zealand) is part of the world wide ROTEX group Efficiency describes our high demand and Commercial hot water systems using the Rotex system. This are a the efficiencies of our technologies and innovative developments

There is more as the technology and reliability of systems Definitely Efficiency is big factor with energy useage particularly when providing hot water systems typical for domestic house use is conventional HWC but commercial prove


Fact ; Electricity prices keep increasing, typically14% in 2003, 12% in 2004, 15% rise in 2005 and it will not end there ! Why put up with paying more?

Decide to become a WINNER, do not let energy costs beat you.

HOW ? Let Solar reduce your electricity/energy bill by 40% to 70 %.

Maintain your supply of hot water even during an energy supply crisis.

Utilise free solar energy to heat most or all of your hot water needs

There has never been a better time to utilize our technologies

Invest in a SUNZ solar system being top quality, German design, proven superior performance Titanium surfaced copper collector panels to fit new and existing homes or premises, pools, domestic, commercial and business etc.

Typical Prices (incl. GST) of an Installed Solar system (subject to a site inspection):

Single 2.1m2 panel with active pumped system $3340.00 Suits 2 to 3 person home

Two 2.1m2 panels with active pumped system $4740.00 Suits 3 to 5 person home

Three 2.1m2 panels with active pumped system $59400.00 Suits 4 to 6 person home

Single 2.5m2 panel with active pumped system $3800.00 Suits 3 person home

Two 2.5m2 panels with active pumped system $5150.00 Suits 6 person home

Systems can be varied to suit, panels are modular can be simply added as your needs increase.

Completing this promotion is a mention of the Rotex heating system which demonstrates a technological leap in efficiency and lowered costs and is superbly suited to high demand situations such as hotels, hospitals, etc It can use multiple fuel sources including and fulfil multiple applications.

SOLR 4 U supplies products only of the highest quality, technologically advanced, and designed to give greatest efficiency and performance whilst being virtually maintenance free. Should you wish to discuss your requirements or enquire further do not hestitate to contact me.

SOLR 4 U specializes in Solar & water heating systems for home domestic, commercial, hotels, motels, rest homes, industrial, dairy and hospital applications as well as multi application systems including underfloor and the European type Combisystems.

Our solar Titanium Collector panels are 21st century technology out-perform all other selective surfaces by 16% especially in light cloud conditions. With weather protection being low iron glass this allows 6% more daylight to reach the titanium selective surface.

Continuous and high demand hot water systems are catered for using long life, smart new proven technology. Surpassing conventional hot water cylinders, the Rotex Sanicube provides a modern, best long-term solution for energy and cost efficiency and is compatible with solar and all types of fuel sources. (gas, diesel, electricity, etc.) The ROTEX Sanicube is a combination of a hot water Calorifier and flow water heater and has multi applications.

For Swimming Pool Heating, the most durable pool heater panel on the world market today is the patented Techno Solis solar Polypropylene panel. UV stabilized, top quality with a proven track record of reliability, design superiority, unsurpassed performance and offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Naturally, the competitive price and superiority of the Techno Solis product will appeal to discerning swimming pool owners.

Heat recovery from chillers, freezer units, air conditioners and dehumidifiers where excess heat generated by the operation of these mechanisms is lost to waste. We offer the TERC system whereby valuable excess heat is recovered and diverted to generate hot water thereby contributing further to energy efficiency.

All the products we market, supply and install are of the highest quality.

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Yours Faithfully,

Jos Nagels NZCE, REA